Welcome to J and M Global Marketing!

Welcome to J and M Global Marketing.net

Welcome to JandM Global Marketing.net/com.   J Calvey and Miriam Calvey welcome you to their main website.  This company manages several websites on the Internet which will be listed at the end of this posting.

This website is for future Membership in their organization.  So keep a lookout for future messages.

We will be adding new websites in our managerial fields.  If you are interested in letting these two experts handle your WordPress Website contact support@jandmglobalmarketing.net or .com  We are strictly WordPress Only sites. Sorry but it is the most modern and convenient way to  blog and advertise on the Internet Today!

We also do affiliate work for Amazon and Clickbank companies.  See our disclaimer under Disclosures, Disclaimers and Company Policy.  We have been known to look into companies such as JVZoo, Comnmission Junction, etc.

Enjoy the Website. If you want further information please contact: support@jandmglobalmarketing.net or support@jandmglobalmarketing.com

JC Hines and Miriam Calvey and Staff