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    Welcome to J and M Global Marketing

    Thank you for coming to our website.  We are an Online Affiliate Marketing Company wherein we give information on most aspects of how to become an Affiliate Marketer Online.

    We have several affiliate websites for those who wish to advance in their learning and progression of becoming successful in Online Affiliate Marketing.

    Online Affiliate Marketing comes to you at an expense of your Time.   You have to be willing to learn all the ins and outs of becoming an affiliate marketer including the rules, regulations and laws of your own country as well as European countries.  If you are willing to learn you can become successful.  There is no magic “get rich quick” button.  Stay devoted to yourself and learn.

    JC Hines


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    Take An Inventory of Yourself

    Take an inventory of yourself.

    What exactly do I mean? Sit down with a pen and paper. Write down things you have plenty knowledge about. Maybe its a former profession or maybe its a hobby. Write down what you did well and have a good knowledge base about it.

    Maybe you are good at training dogs or cats. Maybe you teach belly dancing. How about a sport? Do you golf? Play Tennis? Bowl? Can you give good advice about it? What can you sell along with your knowledge on this subject? Do you have a passionate hobby? Maybe you are an expert at winning video games. You have knowledge on how to get firm abs? Are you crafty? Do you knit or crochet? Do you build things?

    Find something you are good at or have plenty of knowledge. Most important? It would be better to choose something you like or enjoy doing. Wouldn’t you want to work in a subject matter that pleases you and not forced upon you? Maybe you are passionate about the environment. The ” Go Green ” movement is growing fast. Homemade items and products are on the rise.

    Do you know how to bake or have a good knowledge of recipes? You love movies and know an encyclopedia full. Write down everything you think you are good at doing or have a good bit of knowledge. If you have several listed you need to get your list down to at least one to start with at this point.

    You grow the best eggplant or tomato in town. You have the best homegrown Roses in the neighborhood? You know how to put solar panels together? Repair a roof? Fix a car? Planning weddings?

    If you cannot get your own list ask you family and friends what they think you are talented in doing or have a good bit of knowledge about.

    You need to question yourself if you are cut out to do online business. I was a former Paralegal and going into Online Marketing was a total new world to me. I did have some advertising background that helped but if you have never done affiliate work you will find a new world right at your computer.

    You have to be prepared to LEARN. You may have heard you can make money online for little or no money. I am not going to lie to you. I heard the same thing. However, you will need some money to build your affiliate business. How much depends on you and what you learn. Once you start learning it never stops. What I mean is Internet Marketing constantly changes due to the consumer and their purchasing habits.

    The internet itself changes day by day. Rules, Regulations and Laws change constantly from the government to the vendor or company you work for as an affiliate.

    Google plays a big role and as a leader in Search Engines. The ever so changing Google rules and regulations will keep you on your toes. Google is known to be the keeper of your website future. That is if you decide to build a website.

    One of the most important things you need to learn are the FTC Rules and Regulations (See Category: What Do You Do First). The Laws. The laws covering how you send email to how you sell on your website. You don’t want to learn by mistake as it can be costly to you and your business much less your online reputation. Laws were not created to be broken. I assure you must heed these Laws and Rules to maintain a safe and secure website for your customers.

    You want to make your customer happy. Why? Because he/she bought from you. Because you want him/her to buy from you again. You have to keep a good rapport with your customers.

    Set some goals for your business. Stick to your goals and see them through. I’ve included a few goal setting, motivational and meditation books below which are good reading for building your goals and keeping them. I’ve also included meditation books as we all need to set aside stress for success.

    I wish there was a golden nugget I could give you so you would instantly know everything there is to know about affiliate marketing but it just doesn’t exist. There is no magic button to push to make money online. You have to learn. One of my favorite sayings “Be a Sponge.” “Soak Up Everything You Can Learn.”

    I wish you much success and happiness. Do not hesitate to contact me or my team should you have any questions.

    by JC Hines, JandMGlobalMarketing.com/net All Rights Reserved 2015-2016

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    Finding Affiliate Marketing Offers

    Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Offers

    There are many products and websites targeting affiliate marketers but the most important websites are those wherein the affiliate can find affiliate marketing offers and products to sell on their websites. This Is how the affiliate makes their money and success.

    • Clickbank

    Clickbank is one of the most popular vendor sources and favorite affiliate marketing companies focusing on digital informational products. Clickbank is easy to join and has several tutorials on how to use it’s website for the affiliate marketer. Clickbank has been known to be one of the highest paying rates of commission on the internet up to 75%. They also grandeur over 100,000 affiliates and selling over 10,000 products. Many successful affiliates have sold thousands of dollars even millions as a vendor/merchant. But it is not necessary to be a vendor in order to make money at Clickbank.

    Clickbank preferences their product marketing by popularity scores and gravity levels assigned to the product sales. Competition is shown through the gravity scale. Affiliates may use this gravity scale to determine what products are the most profitable but it may not be a necessity as you want to compare your level of competition to where it levels off in your favor in the long run.

    • Commission Junction (also known as cj)

    Commission Junction has been around long enough for affiliate marketers to also make wise product decisions. Many advance Affiliates are more prone to use this company with their expertise in developing and marketing products. This company provides many promotional tools such as banners, text links, search boxes and product links. The average affiliate tends to lean towards the banner sales on a successful website with text links.

    • Amazon

    Amazon has been known to be the BEST marketing venue to Online Affiliate Marketers and they are an important network to join for affiliates with websites and/or blogs wanting to sell products and/or services.

    Marketers have developed many plugins to associate with your wordpress website directly to Amazon products making it much easier for the affiliate to make money. Amazon has made life very easy for affiliates to make money by offering their own in-house Affiliate “Amazonstore” on any product or similar niche of your desire. As long as they have the product or service available. Amazon offers shortcuts, banners, widgets, images and a number of other marketing tools. You can’t get it any easier than working for this company.

    • JVZoo.com

    An up and coming Affiliate Marketing Company has now proven to be in the running for Affiliates as they provide Excellent Products which have a proven record. Their vendors stay with this company because they trust and like that it isn’t as bogged down as the other large marketing competition.

    This is one of my favorite marketing companies to purchase programs and plugins for my wordpress websites. I highly recommend this company along with Clickbank and Amazon. Affiliates should always diverse and not keep all their eggs in one basket!

    • Ebay.com

    Ebay is an “apple” of its own. Due to the large quantity of individual proprietors. You have many individuals selling products on Ebay rather than company products. Some affiliates have proven to do very well with comparison selling on ebay.

    • Individual Vendor Marketing

    Please understand that affiliates may work for any company as long as they disclose same in their disclaimer statement required by FTC on their websites. You are not limited to the above marketing companies. There are individual companies and vendors who take on affiliates as individuals. So keep your eyes open for a good product you think you could sell well.

    Author: JC Hines, JandMGlobalMarketing.com.

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